Special Effects


LEDJ 8m x 4.5 Starcloth


2 x LEDJ 6m x 3.5


2 x Vertical Smoke Machines


Dry Ice Machine


3 x Premium Snow Machines


Small Smoke Machine


Haze/Smoke & Snow Fluid


Mini Mist Machine


33ft x 17ft Rear Projection Material


LEDJ DMX Blockbuster 6


Small Flame Machine


3 Pin DMX Cable


Large Extension Leads


Medium Extension Leads



Story Books/Opening Sequences


Pre recorded opening sequences in the style of story-books for productions such as Cinderella and Aladdin.


CGI Pro clip!




Collection of UV Fish and Canons


Includes x2 UV Canons

Large selection of fish/underwater creatures of various sizes.

Some are on sticks and some are to be worn on the body.


For a bright and mesmorizing underwater scene!!








Fully interactive Magic Mirror


For productions such as Snow White and Shrek!

Face is worked from a computer backstage and is voiced by an actor in real time.


Visit our CGIpro sister company for live clips!

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